SO to give those of you who missed the entire CREDIT CRUNCH a little rundown, South Africa has not had 100% homeloanssince 2008..According to resources, this Screw pipe clamps Suppliers is open to all ABSA clients, but I have a feeling this 100% homeloanoffering will be for first time buyers only..HomeLoans, Bring it back to basicsPosted by Steven Green on Tue, 05 May, 2010 19:30 PMChristina Aquilera says it best. They've brought it back to basics.Wizard Midrand(That's us) allowing ONLY ABSA transaction clients to offer the 100% bonds to. The impact of risinginterest rates is starting to have a marked effect on disposable income and confidence levels amongst homebuyers this feature goes a long way in addressing this issues. Customers are now able to fix their Monthly HomeLoanRepayment for up to 10 years.VIVA ABSA homeloans.Either which way, congratulations to the banks in South Africa, for keeping their cool, sticking to their guns and giving us South Africans the opportunity to get back into the property market. The customer would therefore experience a reduced impact on the monthly installment if the variable rate was to increase, as a portion would remain fixed.. Before I ramble off about the banks, WELCOME BACKABSA home loans, we officially have 100% home loans back in South Africa. Customers now have the ability to plan ahead for the next ten years..These fixed rates are available to existing and new customers withloansof up to 100%.This move by ABSA bank comes 6 months after Standard Bank homeloansopened up the doors to their own banking clients offering them 100% home loans if they applied directly with their own bankers. Back to basics. A customer may choose which portion of the ABSAloanshould be calculated at a fixed rate and which portion should be calculated at a variable rate. ABSA however seem like they've taken this once step forward and offered this via Bond Origination channels i... let's get back to basics. (Please note that MultiPlan can only be set up via a newloan, further advance or re-advance application process).Customers have the added option of only fixing a portion of theloanby making use of Absa's Multiplan account offering.Well that's exactly what the banks have done.Residential ABSA HomeLoansFixed Interest RatesWe are pleased to advise you of the launch of ABSA's extended Fixed Rate Options.